Thursday 20 October 2011

50% Breast Cancer Misdiagnoses

What the Doctor's Don't Tell You are good at uncovering the dirt from the medical industry.  They say in their book that there are huge numbers of people who are wrongly diagnosed with cancer.  Here's more evidence to suggest this:-

Half of women told they have breast cancer when they don’t

19 October 2011
More than a half of women who don’t have breast cancer are told they do
have the disease because of a false reading from a routine mammogram
screening, new research has found.

Around 8 per cent of the women will also have an unnecessary biopsy –
which can cause permanent scarring - before discovering that they never
had breast cancer.

Researchers have discovered that around 61 per cent of women who have
an annual mammogram test for detecting breast cancer will get a
false-positive result – ‘detecting’ a cancer that isn’t there – at
least once during 10 years of screening.

The research team are suggesting that routine mammogram screening
should be reduced to once every two years and start when a woman
reaches the age of 50. In the US, screening still begins at 40 years.
By following their guidelines, false-positives could be reduced to 42
per cent, say the researchers of the Group Health Research Institute in

Mammogram screening among the under-50s currently picks up two cancers
for every 10,000 women screened – but also produces 170
false-positives, say the researchers.

(Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, 2011; 155: 481-92).

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