Sunday 16 October 2011

Raw Nuts Have Arrived in England!


Welcome to my blog.  Exciting times are ahead.  At last I am getting to grips with modern technology!  First a Facebook page, now this!

Anyway, I am glad to say that this week, in our local supermarkets in Devon at least, we have seen the return of raw in-shell nuts including raw pecans, raw brazils, raw walnuts, raw hazelnuts, etc.  Do try to check the crop dates if they are on the pack as I know walnuts especially have been known to be last season's being sold!

If you are lucky enough to live/visit any areas where there are cobnuts or walnuts (or if you are even luckier and live in a warmer climate and can get fresh raw pistachios, etc. from trees) these will always be fresh and better.

Best of luck with your nutty adventures!

Best wishes,

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